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Sustaining a meaningful relationship and close emotional connection can be challenging as couples move forward together over time. 


“The person I am today, may feel different from the person I was when we met - not because I’ve changed, but because I’ve grown.”   We grow not just with age, but with experience, and from all the life transitions and personal evolutions that make us wiser and richer for it.  


You and your partner have the opportunity to co-create the vision for your relationship that fosters a deep and meaningful emotional connection with intention, trust and closeness to last you across your lifespan.


TRANSFORMING Relationships by... 

...Creating a healthy balance between each person’s individual evolution while maintaining a close and secure a bond with your partner.


...Learning to sustain and foster a resilient emotional connection when circumstances pull you in different directions.


...Learning the communication skills to repair connections and resolve conflicts as they occur along the way.  

This work is

...Generally, have had a solid relationship foundation but have gone through a difficult life, social or financial transition, and despite their best efforts find themselves struggling to get back to how good things use to (or could) be.  

...Have been following the "set path" they thought they were supposed to follow and find themselves interested in creating a life outside the “norm” – one that is more aligned with who they want to become and the life they want to create.

Here's how IT WORKS.

All couples experience moments of emotional disconnection; the secret to a happy relationship is to develop the communication skills and resiliency to know how to effectively and constructively navigate through those moments of discord and get to the other side with closeness, care and security.

Using Emotionally Focused Therapy this work supports couples to:

Identify and disrupt the patterns that result in (emotional) disconnection.


Create new communication patterns that move through discord constructively - fostering caring, appreciation and connection.


Bring closure to past ruptures and strengthen the skills and confidence to face ruptures together in the future.

Everything meaningful requires maintenance:  your house, your car, even your job can require a renewal and update of your skills to keep up with new developments.   In the same vein, so do our relationships.  Engaging in couple's therapy is a way to tend to your relationship and support the evolving needs of you + your partner as you grow together.  



I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation 

as an opportunity to:

Explore how I can support you in your relationship growth 

Answer your questions about the scope of and progression of this work. 


Figure out if we're are a good therapeutic fit for each other. 

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