Our holistic approach considers all aspects of who you are: mind, heart, body, and soul. It is informed by current findings in the fields of attachment, neuroscience, somatics, and the benefits of integrating spiritual practices. Understanding the ever-changing needs of the communities and clients we serve, we have a strong commitment to learning and expanding our knowledge and skills by consulting and training with experts in our field to ensure we have new and effective tools to help clients heal and meet their goals.


Our fundamental orientations are psychodynamic, experiential, attachment-focused, multicultural psychotherapy.  This means that we prioritize creating a therapeutic relationship in which you feel seen, heard and understood. While it is important to gain insight into the negative patterns that keep you stuck, feeling unhappy, anxious, alone, in pain, our work moves you beyond insight and helps you reconnect to your innate strengths and wisdom. As you develop a new understanding of who you are and the events of your life, you begin to have a new experience of yourself leading you to feel renewed, alive and more connected to your authentic self and the world around you.


Relationship Counseling

We believe that successful relationships are built with intention, patience, love and time.  Whether you are just starting a new connection, are ready to make a formal commitment, or have been in a long-term relationship, we help you identify the cycles that lead to feeling disconnected from your partner and to learn new ways to repair and reconnect. We help you identify the goals you have for your relationship as well as your individual goals; and we support you in building a relationship that has space for each person to continue evolving in a supportive environment while maintain a secure bond with your partner.



We are here to support and empower you when you are ready to take control of your circumstances, create a life and career that reflects your core values, foster relationships that have depth and meaning. We help you identify specific goals and take the next steps to convert challenges into opportunities so you can make choices from a place feeling grounded and authentic.

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