Therapy vs Coaching

Which one do I need?

Before choosing therapy or coaching, it’s important to understand the difference between them.  Traditionally, therapy is used to treat clinical diagnosis (anxiety, depression, trauma, etc.).  It integrates clinical interventions and modalities that help heal psychological and emotional wounds that impede you from living a healthy life.  Coaching on the other hand, helps you identify clear personal and professional goals and create a strategic plan to achieve them. Where therapy looks to analyze and understand the ‘why’, coaching looks to synthesis and empower your ‘how’.  They are similar in that both help you create a positive change in your life. 


As licensed clinical social workers we are trained to diagnose in the traditional medical model of psychotherapy, however, we are not in the business of pathologizing the human experience. Our therapeutic approach is strength-based and humanistic. Whether you choose therapy or coaching, we are here to walk alongside you in your journey to wellness. 


Reduce and Eliminate Anxiety & Depression

Process & Resolve Trauma

Process Grief & Loss (death, divorce, etc)

Improve Mood: Overcome Stress & Manage Anger

Reduce Overwhelm, Guilt & Shame

Reduce Conflict & Build Healthy Relationships

Identify & Change Unhealthy Patterns of Behavior


Gain Clarity On Your Personal & Business Goals

Create A Practical & Effective Plan 

Identify & Overcoming Obstacles That Lead To Success

Learn Effective Skills to Manage Difficult Situations

Support You Through Fear, Doubt & Insecurities 

Help Empower You To Live Your Best Self

Hold You Accountable 

Still not sure?  Let us help you...

The good news in working with us is that you don’t need to decide one over the other.  As Coaches and Licensed Clinical Social Workers we’re able to bring both these resources to meet you where you’re at and help get you to where you want to go.   To help put you at ease we offer a free 30 minute consultation to talk about what you need and help match you with the services that fit best. 

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