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Traveling for work?  Living or serving abroad?  Can't afford services and child care?  Or just simply too busy to make it to a therapist’s office?  Online counseling creates a convenient platform that allows you to receive support from a trained professional while living your life.

How does online therapy work?

We offer services exclusively online using a confidential-enabled (HIPPA-compliant) videoconferencing to adult individuals and couples who have limited access or availability to receive consistent, direct, face-to-face professional services.  All that is required is a smartphone or computer with a camera and a microphone and a reliable internet connection.  You don’t need to be a technology expert to take advantage of online therapy.  If you can use email, you can use online therapy. 

Is it really different from in-person therapy?

The quality of our services is not different and our clients feel connected and make significant progress with us regardless of where they are in the world when we meet.  And, as with everything else, we will not ask our clients to do something we are not willing to do ourselves.  We have personally benefited from online counseling and have been able to build meaningful and satisfying relationships with our counselors.

Where are your clients located?

Within the United States, our licenses allow us to provide services in the states of Colorado and in New York.  Most of our clients travel often for work, or are expats or individuals travelling internationally.

​It's simple:

  • Click “Schedule Your Free Consultation” to request a free 30 minute consultation

  • Complete all necessary documentation using our secure electronic portal

  • Schedule your sessions and meet via our confidential (HIPPA compliant) online platform

  • Make your payments online

  • Achieve your goals! 

Eligibility - when online therapy isn't the right fit.

While online counseling is easy and convenient, it is not for everyone. Our online services are most suited for people who have either previously engaged in formal counseling services and/or are seeking support for issues that are not related to alcohol and substance abuse, life threatening, psychiatric crisis, including: severe mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, severe major depressive disorder, panic disorder, personality disorders, suicidal, homicidal or violent behavior (past and present).

If you are needing support for these concerns, in-person treatment is the recommended method. You can find an in-person professional by calling your insurance company and asking for a list of providers, or doing a search on: and/or  And if you are having a mental health emergency, you should pick up your telephone and call 911, visit the emergency room nearest to you, or call a Colorado Crisis Hotline or New York Crisis Hotline.

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